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Award-winning freelancer creating meaningful human experiences through intuitive design, UX and modern technology.

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How many years experience do you have?

I have been designing and building custom websites since 2008 and started offering my services professionally in 2011.

The role of a web designer and developer has changed so much in the past 14 years, and only once you sit back and reflect can you appreciate how much the industry has grown. I have been around long enough to witness endless design trends, the shift towards mobile responsive websites and the death of Internet Explorer. The core thing that hasn’t changed is; Putting the user first.

Do you work with Squarespace or Wix?

Absolutely not.

Platforms like these make it difficult for website scalability, integrating new functionality, design freedom and ultimately result in poor user experience.

Besides designing and building websites, what else do you provide?

I provide WordPress Maintenance Plans.

I host websites on fast compute servers and maintain the health, integrity and upkeep of the website’s software and files on a regular basis.

All websites should have some form of data security and backup measure in place.